Critters 3

Critters 3
Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi

Sometime after the events in Critters 2, Charlie MacFadden is tracking down the last of the Critters. A family of three - Annie (the main protagonist), Johnny (her little brother) and Clifford (the father) - stops at a rest stop when their car's tire pops. At the rest stop, Charlie warns them and Josh, stepson of a corrupt landlord, about the Crites. As this happens, a Crite lays eggs under the family's car and the family leaves, unknowingly taking the eggs with them.

Soon after they arrive at their tenement, the Crites hatch and kill a maintenance man. When the landlord arrives, he too is eaten by the Crites after Josh locks him in Clifford's room, unknowingly trapping his stepfather with the creatures. Next, one of the residents is attacked and wounded. Annie, her family and five others (including Josh) try to get to safety in one piece by getting to the roof of the building. Charlie arrives and destroys the remaining Critters, saving the remaining tenants. The film ends in a cliffhanger with a containment pod sent from the Intergalactic Council crashing into the basement.

Rated PG-13

(violence and mild language)

Directed by Kristine Peterson
Produced by Rupert Harvey
Written by David J. Schow
Rupert Harvey
Barry Opper
Starring Don Keith Opper
John Calvin
Nina Axelrod
Leonardo DiCaprio
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) December 11, 1991
Running time 86 min.
Country United States
Language English

Leonardo plays  Josh, stepson of a corrupt landlord.

This video just has pictures of him in Critters 3. I couldn't find anything else sorry guys :(

*My Review*

I think this looks like a crappy movie and

I didn't bother watching it. No offense to anyone

who likes it, but I think it could look

more real from what I have seen in

the trailer.

Reviews from IMDb

Well, at least little Leonardo DiCaprio was cute...
Author: hegstad9 from Norway

Sadly, this movie is not very good. But does it really matter ? We all know the basics for the story, and this has nothing new. But I love low budget horror & sci fic camp classics ... so I forgive this one. About thew only thing that anyone remember from this movie, is that little Leonardo DiCaprio made his debut in it.

He did OK. The part didn't ask for great acting skills, and the direction probably never gave him any chance of providing one anyway ... Little Leonardo DiCaprio was very cute ... and so was the girl. The movie is fun, if you like horror & sci fic camp classics and are experienced in watching them.



  • Continuity: When a Critter's stomach inflates before passing gas, beans suddenly appear on its fur and then disappear.

  • Continuity: Josh bends down to retrieve the Frisbee. In the shot from ground level, the Frisbee is resting on top of the branches, but in the next shot it's underneath them.

  • Continuity: The camper van has a flat and there's a shot of the shredded tire. When they park up in the rest area, the tire is back in one piece on the rim, with no damage visible.

  • Continuity: The buckles on Annie's dungarees.

  • Continuity: Charlie introduces the flashback montage of the first two movies by saying "It was 1984 and I was out riding my bicycle". Critters was filmed in 1985, and takes place in, 1986.

  • Continuity: Notice when Annie is shielding herself with the sign that reads "Outa Order" from the Critters shooting their spines at her. Charlie comes in and blows one of the Critters away causing its green goo blood to spray all over the sign. In the next scene Annie is shown holding the sign but now it's totally clean.

  • Crew or equipment visible: When Annie is about to climb down the elevator shaft you get a brief glimpse of a set worker just sitting there in the background.


Leonardo DiCaprio was 17 years old



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