Random Information

He isn't in any G or PG movies, but here are all of his PG-13 and R rated movies. I couldn't find The Foot Shooting Party's rating. See more Random Facts at the bottom of the page. 

Movies Rated


Critters 3

(violence and mild language)

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

(elements of mature subject matter)


(contemporary violence and some sensuality)

Marvin's Room

(thematic elements and brief language)


(for disaster related peril and violence, brief nudity, sensuality and brief language)

The Man in the Iron Mask

(sequences of violence and some sensuality/nudity)

Catch Me if You Can

(sexual content and brief language)

The Aviator

(thematic elements, sexual content, nudity, language and a crash sequence)

Movies Rated


This Boy's Life

(strong language and sexuality)

The Quick and the Dead

(western violence)

The Basketball Diaries

(graphic depiction of drug addiction with related strong violence, sexuality and language)

Total Eclipse

(strong sexuality and nudity, language, and some startling violence)


(language, sexual activity and some drug use)

The Beach

(violence, some strong sexuality, language and drug content)

Gangs of New York

(intense strong violence, sexuality/nudity and language)

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