The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead

Action | Adventure | Western



Directed by Sam Raimi
Produced by Joshua Donen
Patrick Markey
Allen Shapiro
Written by Simon Moore
Starring Sharon Stone
Gene Hackman
Russell Crowe
Leonardo DiCaprio
Music by Alan Silvestri
Cinematography Dante Spinotti
Editing by Pietro Scalia
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) North America:
February 10, 1995
United Kingdom:
September 22, 1995
Running time 107 minutes
Country United States
Language English



"The Lady" enters the Old West town of Redemption circa 1881. In an attempt to seek vengeance for her father's death, The Lady enters a single elimination gunfighting contest held by Redemption's ruthless leader, John Herod. The Lady is introduced to Cort, a former Herod henchman turned reverend, whom Herod forced to enter the contest.

Through donations by John Herod and Wells Fergo, the winner of the contest will receive $123,000 in cash. The Lady forges a platonic friendship with Fee "The Kid" Herod (Leonardo DiCaprio), an arrogant and young gunslinger who hopes to impress his ignorant biological father, Herod. As Cort is persecuted for abandoning his violent past in favor of a peaceful religious life, the first and second rounds of the competition ensue. Both Lady and Cort find that Herod's main goal of the contest is to eliminate anyone who might pose a threat to him as leader of the town.

Haunted by her childhood traumas, Lady reflects that as a young girl, Herod manipulated her into killing her father, the town's former Marshal. With Lady, Cort, Herod and The Kid left as the four remaining contestants, Kid challenges Herod to a duel to win his respect. Although they both injure each other with bullet wounds, Kid's wounds prove fatal. John declares that Fee was not his son. He explains to the bystanders that his wife (Fee's mother) had an affair with a farmer. When Lady and Cort are forced to face each other, they devise a successful plan to kill Herod and free Redemption from his oppression. Cort then becomes the new Marshall of the town as Lady rides off into the sunset.

Rated R
(Western Violence)

Leonardo plays as Fee "The Kid" Herod a kid that develops a crush on Ellen "The lady", and although she claims the opposite, she deeply cares for him and is greatly saddened when he is killed by Herod (who is thought to be Herod's Son)

Go to 3:06 for Leo's part

The 2 below are clips of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Movie

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